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 TaengSic - Just somebody that i used to know

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TaengSic - Just somebody that i used to know Empty
PostSubject: TaengSic - Just somebody that i used to know   TaengSic - Just somebody that i used to know I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 09, 2012 3:53 am

I dont know if I should put this on Taeyeon or Jessica's thread so...

First of all, as a sone for 2 years, I know that TaengSic did exist.
When I was just a rookie sone, I even thought Taeyeon was Jessica's closest friend lol
(kay mga clips pa to akong gtan aw then murag nagkuyog sila kay tungod sa ilang kanta2)
TaengSic - Just somebody that i used to know Ib1WAIdhsEJibH

So karun, kung makabantay lang mo ba, awkward na gyud kaayo silang duha.
And many of the fans knew about this kay i joke2 ra gud nila, example
Fan: I printed Jessica's picture but then my cat tore it
.......maybe my cat was taeyeon (sth like that ang joke)
So like fans really knew about TaengSic being awkward and all

If you try to watch TaengSic videos, there are lots of moments katong mga bata2 pa sila, hehe wa nako kabaw arung mga panahona.. Naa gani latest photo nilang duha oh pero ang caption pod kay Taeyeon and Jessica holding hands AGAIN for the first time
(i lost the pic, ill be back)

Nya naa puy nagdiscuss balik ani somewhere. And nakaremember nalang pod ko...

Quote :
/pagecatching. Sorry to bring this up again.

Seriously, now, I don't even care much about couple pairings and stuff - not that I've ever been a shipper before anyways; but I'm really intrigued as to what has happened between Taeyeon and Jessica, simply as friends. I can even accept that people don't have info on Sunny 'cause she's careful and just being a ninja, but Taeyeon and Jessica...? IDE.

I get it when some people here commented that they once had friends that they just got tired of after some time or something like that, but that weirdness that seeps out between those two doesn't seem to be just two friends being tired of each other or personality clash.
They have been in training, working and living together for so long and were once close to go for movies and meals on their own, doesn't it seem funny, as in weird, that there's all of a sudden this god-given revelation like "Oh, we don't match AT ALL, so much that we can't even stand acting friendly with each other even on screen or cameras or stage, whatever." If you get what I mean.

And also, aren't the girls already past the phase where they would get jealous of each other career-wise? Have they not made enough money so far to get most, if not all, of what they want?
Even those members who don't usually have that many "moments" as other popular pairings do, they still don't show such awkwardness like Taeyeon and Jessica do.
This doesn't only happen with physical or eye contacts between the two. Simply the moment Jessica mentioning Taeyeon's name on "The Beatles Code" when they talked about their chatroom thing was awkward.

Those two are just as awkward, if not more so, as the geoduck or clam pic spams on here.

So yeah, just wanna share. Basin nakabantay pod mo. You might wanna share pics/gifs/videos. I believe this is serious too but we fans just wanna brush it off or leave it to them because we believe about the Soshi bond. I really hope they fix this..

The thing I dread the most is being rejected by anyone lol haha
pero murag most of the time na reject ang efforts ni Jessica No

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TaengSic - Just somebody that i used to know
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