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Sunny's Profile Tumblr_m6rvoyxPhG1rueaovo6_1280

Basic Profile

Stage Name: Sunny (써니)
Birth Name: Lee Soon-Kyu (이순규)
Group Position: Main Vocalist
DOB: May 15, 1989 (Born in the United States, later moved to Kuwait. Eventually moved to South Korea as a result of the Gulf War.)
Nickname: DJ Soon, Sunny Bunny, Aegyo Queen, Gag-dol, Strong Sunny, Chicken-Catcher Soonkyu
Motto: My best in every moment! Everyday Sunny Day.
Blood Type: B
Languages: Korean (Fluent), English (Basic), Chinese (Basic), Japanese (Basic)
Height: 155cm
Weight: 43kg
Hobbies: Swimming, video games, sports
Interests: Music, fashion, reading magazines, dancing, singing & shopping, comedic acting
School: Baehwa All-Girls High School
Siblings: [b]2 older sisters, Lee Eun-Kyu & Lee Jin-Kyu

Casted: 2007 SM Casting System. Prior to her audition to SM Entertainment, SoonKyu trained in Wheesung‘s company; Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt. SoonKyu was recruited by a recommendation from SM-Towner Lee Ayumi. In 1998, she joined as a trainee for Star World and trained there for 5 years. She was going to debut in a 2 member group.
Fancafes: [Daisy]

Extra Information

Favorite Number(s): 1 and 2
Ideal Man: Jo InSung
International Ideal Man: Takeshi Kaneshiro
Favorite SNSD song: Honey
Specialities: Aegyo, Cuteness that Calls for a Punch (aka C.C.P.)
Roommate: Yuri [old], Taeyeon [new]

compiled through various sites, interviews, shows, and etc.
via: Soy @Soshified
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Sunny's Profile
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